Manage your travel program online

Triptechie Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Triptechie corporate tool is not just a solution for your business travel booking but it is also the for expense reporting and reimbursement. Our online travel booking tool takes the stress out of business travel management. With Triptechie you can easily send your travel booking options to managers for pre-approvals and make bookings instantly on receiving the approval. Also, it helps to ensure that employees comply with the corporate travel policies.

  • Corporate traveler profiling
  • Self-booking tool for implants and business travelers
  • Global supplier inventory
  • Policy approval & Management system
  • Travel Expense Reporting

Business Traveler Profiling

For smooth functioning of internal travel policies and booking workflow describing various corporate profiles is crucial. Therefore we have designed the system which enables creation and management of various corporate profiles based on designation, department and user roles.

Self-booking Tool for Implants and Business Travelers

In order to speed up the decision making process Triptechie corporate tool is integrated with a unique dashboard which gives both corporate travellers and implant a clear concise interface to search and book fares. And accordingly automatic and uniformed approval emails for online and offline bookings can encompass multi-tier approval processes and travel policies for the travellers according to their designation, departments, user roles and accordingly booking work flow can be managed.

Global Supplier Inventory

Triptechie tool platform is integrated with all the major GDS, LCCs and third party consolidators of hotels, Car rentals, Insurance etc. Global travel content ensures the availability of best fares for business travelers.

Policy Approval & Management System

Together, a well-designed travel policy and approval system is the cornerstone of an effectively managed travel program. Travel policy with clear mandates can save companies a huge cost. The system is capable of integrating the policy into the booking processes which helps improve compliances.

Multi-level approval can be automatically obtained on the basis of department, designation, gender, user roles etc. With our approval system the employees can easily search and book complete travel itineraries within their company’s defined travel policy guidelines.

Travel Expense Reporting

Travel expenses form a major part of organizations’ expenditure today. Triptechie automates and streamlines your expense workflow from travel booking to accounting. Travel expenses are captured automatically for employees. Expense report approvals are superfast for managers, and reconciliation is quick and easy for accounting teams.

Features you will get

  • Self-booking tool for business traveller and implant to search, book, authorize and manage bookings
  • Fast, Secure and Easy booking process along with approval system
  • Manage profile information and ensure consistency in compliance with your Travel Policy
  • Separate Queues for authorization and approvals
  • Responsive dashboard can be opened on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Special deal and codes will be managed against the corporate profile
  • Advance reporting for reconciliations and per passenger cost calculation